Habt ihr schon die mega Gym Tour von epicTV gesehen? 🤩

Matt & Teri haben uns kurz vor der Eröffnung in Erlangen besucht, das komplette Video findet ihr unter EpicTV Climbing Daily 🎥: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFsDvpHUA8s&t=6s 

Einer der vielen Kommentare lässt unsere Herzen besonders höher schlagen ♥️:
“I clicked on the video thinking – Who even needs such a huge bouldering gym? – But by the time the video ended I wanted to hug Simon. The gym was clearly made by people with SO much passion for climbing and even kids and just people and life I would say. Einstein’s Rope to call it simply (handmade!!) is a great example. I wonder how much that weighs! I loved the comparison to wandering in the woods. This is amazing, I would never want to leave.”