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There is no reason to carry chalk in one-way plastic bags into the woods. We all know that those bags may stay in our beloved outdoor play yards. Let´s make the difference and start the grassroots revolution of a packing free world within the coolest sport on this planet.

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multiple trading rights have been granted to the Chalkspender. Developed in three long years! pls. respect our effort.

Made where

Is made in Germany and produced for food. Made of Polypropylen. In case you break it, it can easily be recycled because there is no mix in materials.

Fill something else

Rice or  flour, everything thats hard to fill, after two years of development we are proud to think we can fill everything. You want to go one way plastic bag free? get in touch!

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First Bouldergym with the Chalkspender!
Now it is your turn! Join the Club and reserve your Chalkspender! Which Bouldergym is going to be the next plastic free gym? 

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There is enough f*** plastic at our playgrounds. So keep our Water, Rocks, Woods and Mountains clean. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Jan Storath

BLOCKHELD, Surfer, Climber, Boarder

Some People ask me: „What can one single person do to save the planet?“ I say, start with your daily routines. One of my daily routine is to use chalk without using one way plastic. Thank you Chalkspender

Benni Schaller

Gym Manager @ BLOCKHELDEN Bamberg

make our planet great again

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